Petrol Race Formula 10x 40 Litre Tablets with Octane Booster


Petrol Race Formula 10X40 Litre Tablets (Octane Booster)- One Tube Treats 400 Litres!

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Fuel360 Race Formula is an octane booster formulated to maximize your horsepower!

  • It an exceptional octane booster, get more out of your fuel.
  • Keeps your engine in top performance!
  • Gives you the edge that you’re looking for!.

Place a tablet in your race fuel, dissolves within minutes!

   Each tube contains 10 tablets, and tablet treats 40 litres of petrol.

   Ideal for all grades of petrol, including race fuel.

  Boosts octane, you can feel it!


For more information call 0800 777 551

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