Frequently asked questions

YES! Fuel360 can be used in any combustion engine, including those found in cars, boats, farm equipment and a huge range of machinery. Any engine that runs on petrol or diesel will benefit from using Fuel360.
When fuel is burnt in your engine’s combustion chamber, only a portion of it is actually used. Fuel360 works by assisting the combustion process, allowing your engine to burn the fuel more efficiently. Protect your engine, get more power, minimise dangerous emissions and reduce your fuel bill!
When you use Fuel360, you will normally see benefits within just a few tank fills. Fuel360 needs to get to work within the fuel system to achieve a clean burn and release the benefits. For some of you it might happen immediately and for others it might take several doses, but it will happen – we guarantee it.
When you use Fuel360, your fuel will stay strictly within mandatory NZ fuel specifications. Fuel360 works to ‘freshen the fuel’ maintaining its integrity, without degradation. In the case of diesel, Fuel360 simply eliminates the environment which allows ‘diesel bug’ to live – protecting your fuel from microbial contamination.
It’s easy! Simply drop a Fuel360 tablet directly into your fuel tank or the filler opening before you re-fuel.  The first time you use Fuel360, you should put in a double dose to initiate Fuel360’s specific engine cleaning process – for example, for 60L of fuel, put in 2 x 60L Fuel360 tablets. After that, 1 x 60L Fuel360 tablet will do the job.
No worries. We have scored the tablets so you can easily break them up in quarters, each treating 15L of fuel. It’s not required to match the exact fuel quantity, just get as close as possible using quarters. Like washing powder, putting more in doesn’t make your wash whiter. With FUEL360, overdosing won’t make it more economical.
Good news – Fuel360 is made to NZ specifications! The Fuel360 tablets are produced by NZ’s own Lower Emissions, using the highest quality ingredients to NZ specifications. You can find out more about Lower Emissions, a great Kiwi success story, here.